Halfway River Horizon North Camp Services LP

Halfway River Horizon North Camp Services LP is a Limited Partnership between Halfway River First Nations and Horizon North Logistics, a publicly-traded company that provides resource companies with mobile structures, camp management and catering, matting solutions and northern marine services. Our partners employ over 1,500 people across its core Camp & Catering, Manufacturing, and Matting divisions, has an inventory of over 2,500 portable buildings, and assets on the ground in Western Canada, Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and the Northwestern United States. They have the in-house capacity to provide the full suite of services required for any large-scale accommodation project. Horizon North is able to fully manufacture, supply, install, and operate a facility of limitless size without needing to sub-contract. This gives them a strong ability to control costs and provide quality assurance on all transportation, installation, and operations. The building solutions of Halfway River Horizon North range from single unit offices to 3500+ person camps. They have a large fleet of pre-fabricated buildings in a variety of dimensions and assorted floorplans that can be delivered to your site, as well as office complexes, first aid units, washcars, lavatories, and kitchens. Camps include temporary, permanent, or open campconcepts, and are available for rental or purchase on a short or long term basis. With manufacturing facilities exceeding 250,000 sq ft in total, Halfway River Horizon North can build to suit any project for any business sector. Their professional, experienced team delivers engineering, production, transportation, installation and site services throughout Western Canada and beyond. The partnership between camp and catering means Halfway River Horizon North can offer full-services accommodation and food services. Horizon North has on-site teams to take care of all aspects of camp catering, camp management and operational services. When you work with Halfway River Horizon North, you benefit from their diverse business capabilities. They provide in-house design, manufacturing, transportation, site installation, catering, facility maintenance and operations, making Horizon one of the few companies that can effectively provide a one-stop shoppingexperience. Our quality of products is considered world class within the portable building industry. As a preferred partner for companies needing building solutions in the mining, exploration, energy, oil and gas, forestry, construction and government sectors, you can put your trust in the experience and professionalism of Halfway River Horizon North . Camps & Catering ¢ Manufacturing, sales and rentals ¢ Camp management ¢ Transportation and demobilization ¢ Camp catering ¢ Executive lodges ¢ Oil field equipment rentals Matting Solutions ¢ Road and location mats ¢ Jobsite, camp and rig mats ¢ Manufacturing, sales and rentals ¢ Transportation/trucking ¢ Installation and removal ¢ Maintenance, storage and rentals Marine Services ¢ Off-shore logistics ¢ Base camps ¢ Remote shoreline staging ¢ Self-contained barge camps ¢ Mobile sleigh camps ¢ River tug and barge transportation

Wonowon, BC
V0C 2N0

Phone: 250-261-4775

Email: wfield@halfwayrivergroup.ca


William Field
Board of Directors

Type: Partnership

Industry Sector: Accommodation and food services

Region: Northeast

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