Stuwix Resources Joint Venture

Stuwix Resources is a fibre management and marketing company that are owned jointly by seven First Nations Bands located in the Southern Interior of British Columbia, Canada. The establishment of Stuwix Resources has for the first time provided the ability to incorporate First Nation cultural and traditional use practices at the initial resource planning stage. This ensures First Nation culture practices are recognized, and encouraged as legitimate uses of the land. It is an opportunity to honor our ancestral beliefs and values. Stuwix Resources has developed a Forest Stewardship Plan that focuses on managing the forest land base with an emphasis on First Nation cultural values and practices. Stuwix commenced harvesting and forest management operations in June 2005. Since that time, Stuwix has harvested 2.6 million cubic meters of timber on 7,975 hectares, planting over 8 million trees, which in turn contributes to the Merritt and surrounding economies in the form of payments to logging, hauling, roads, layout and development, and silviculture contractors. Stuwix has created more than just economic opportunity. For many First Nations, the forest offers much more than logs. Through Stuwix Resources, first nation's individuals, companies, and communities are participating in and helping care for all that the forest has to offer. Stuwix has developed a Forest Stewardship plan for its operating area, which goes beyond the expectations with respect to First Nations consultation and protective measures dealing with water management, protection of wildlife habitat and biological diversity, soil conservation & protection of ecological, geographical, historical and culturally special sites. Stuwix Resources is a Safe Certified Forest Company. All hired contractors must also be Safe Certified and currently have 'Zero' lost days due to non-injury. Stuwix Resources recently became Sustainable Forestry Initiative Certified. This demonstrates a commitment to higher standards of environmental stewardship.

2-98 Hwy 8
Merritt, BC
V0K 0A7

Phone: 604-796-9832


Agnes Holmes

Type: Joint Venture

Region: Thompson \ Okanagan

Year Formed: 2004

Number of Employees: 5 to 9

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